Minimalistic Fuelling

As far back as I can remember its always been very rare to cycle or run with a group of athletes who don’t have some form of colored drink in their water bottles or some spare change for that awesome sugar stop at the petrol station at around the half way mark. It seems that dependency on some sort of fuelling has not become just a necessity, but also the norm and I battle to find an athlete that even has the confidence []

“Life is a tragedy of nutrition”

That is  quite a statement made by Arnold Ehret but so true. If there is one thing that is consistent in life its that we eat.  We eat & drink for so many different reasons for desire, survival, delight, energy, immunity, health, comfort and celebration. Whatever the reason we make a decision on a food and consume it. In my opinion most food selections are emotionally challenged or challenging, you know its not good for you but you don’t care, you know []

“A good archer is not known by his arrows but by his aim”

  To live a life with direction and purpose one has to set goals. It is not good enough to take a couple of steps which will one day ultimately lead to a goal, but every single step and decision you make will need to be a goal itself. Small goals & baby steps ultimately lead to long term achievements. As a health, nutrition, fitness and wellness coach I frequently get approached by various kinds of people with completely unique goals, seeking []

LCHF friendly pancake meal (Gluten,Wheat & Dairy Free) :-)

  This is an awesome recipe on days where you just feel like a treat, snack or something of change but yet keep to your diet goals. I put this together to give you a nice simple and tasty meal which will keep you on the right path 🙂 Ingredients: 1 cup Lupin Flour (if you cannot get it try almond, coconut or soya flour) 2/3 eggs, I use 3 eggs to raise the protein/fat content and give it a little more []

Listen to your messages……………..

I am a very military oriented personality, just the kind of life I have lead since birth. A naval officer father, nutrition strict mother and then my own life experiences which followed very much similar routes. My clients know when I take them on there is black and white, tolerance levels are low and I demand results. I travel quite a bit and come into contact with all types of cultures and personalities on many different levels. South Africans generally I see []

“Health is not a sacrifice but the most important tool for an enjoyable journey called life”

The more often I listen to people the more I learn and the more I realize that the general perception of a healthy lifestyle is actually seen as a burden by the majority. Frequent comments revolving around cost, effort, time, stress and then the most common sacrifice seem to be at the top of the list. The unfortunate thing that we are confronted with in modern society is that yes, lifespan of the human being has increased and mainly due to modern []

Acceptance is the First Port of Call

  I often get inundated with requests on how to deal with illness or injury, It is something that every person will eventually have to face whether an athlete or not. Even the healthy get sick :-). One of the most noticeable things I always see, is that whether injured or ill, especially when it is an athlete they are living in complete denial. They are focusing on the next workout, a day or two away, even if bed ridden and the []